About Us

Daily Kombucha began in 2017 with a simple mission, to create a
refreshing kombucha drink that people can enjoy and benefit from.
After many long nights and several brews later, our team crafted our
unique kombucha base blend. Ready to be fused with various flavors, we then created our ideal menu of drinks.

We introduced our brand by catering to various local events throughout Orange County, CA which soon led us to open our first stand at the OC Great Park Farmers' Market in 2018. Since then, customers across Southern California have come by time and time again to experience our locally brewed kombucha. As of 2020, our brand is represented throughout various Farmers' Markets in Orange County, along with our first brick-and-mortar store located in Santa Ana, CA.

Kombucha has been known as a beverage that has an acquired taste but is also packed with nutrients! Here at Daily Kombucha, we are all about trying new things whether it is introducing a new kombucha flavor or finding a new way to strengthen our relationship with our customers. With that being said, we are always encouraging others to give this super drink a try!

From the very beginning, Daily Kombucha has chosen quality over
quantity, crafting our kombucha in small batches with our fresh
ingredients so that each bottle is bursting with flavor, We have
always been passionate about our brews and will continue this passion as we pursue our goal of encouraging a healthier lifestyle in a flavorful way for everyone!