Most kombucha bottles are sold in the retail stores, pre-packaged and have a long shelf life. We offer fresh kombucha brewed locally and made in small batches. The taste will be completely different and we offer delicious and healthy kombucha to kids, the entire family can enjoy our kombucha together at their dining table.

“Kombucha has helped me reregulate my digestive system!”

Catherine Tran

“I’m 82 years old and I’m taking my health seriously. I am active and I watch what I eat. Daily kombucha has been a big part of my life, not only it helps with my digestive issues, my overall health was improved. I would love to share this kombucha with anyone I encounter.”

Maria Santos

“I really like their fruity flavors and usually drink it when I eat because kombucha is very refreshing and helps with digestion.”

Tammy Lin

“I especially like the kombucha at Daily Kombucha as it does not sacrifice flavor for health benefits! I definitely look forward to drinking their kombucha because of the interesting and fun flavor combinations and seasonal drinks which I can enjoy without feeling guilty of having artificial flavors or excess sugar.”

Josh Lu

“I used to drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks. I eventually just got sick of feeling the sleepinesses after a couple of hours, all the time. I just kept crashing and my energy was inconsistent. I had never tried kombucha before trying this one so I was very skeptical. Although I was very surprised by the fizz and sweetness of it. It’s like strong soda, but all natural and gives you that caffeinated sensation, naturally. I never looked back."

Michael Resendiz

"My go-to healthy drinks that is also delicious."

Sze Foong Yen

"Kombucha helped my digestive system and helps me stay healthy. Now I can enjoy it in new flavors."

Harold Johnson