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We cater to special events!

We cater to special events!

We cater to special events!We cater to special events!We cater to special events!

Find us at:

Irvine Great Park

Farmers' Market

Sunday 10-2pm

**Bring your growlers

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Daily Kombucha

Why Us?

Kombucha beverage is becoming a trend, have you tried a bottle of our fresh brewed kombucha? It is so delicious and healthy. We choose quality over quantity and we are determined to provide the highest quality of goodness in every bottle of kombucha we produce.

Monthly Subscription available

Having the lifestyle of everything working for you as you work on your self-development and self-growth. Enjoy the luxury of carrying your own glass of kombucha to the gym and office everyday! Kombucha is a functional beverage that is great for post-workout recovery and it gives you the instant energy your need for your important meetings and deadlines.

Currently, we are offering a 25% discount for monthly subscriptions. Begin your new lifestyle with a step forward now!

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By joining, you become a member in our community and given access to browse through all kombucha flavors we offer. We will always keep our members posted when a new seasonal flavor becomes available!

Quality, Delicious, Freshness all in one

Bubbly Tea Beverage


If you are a regular soda or tea beverage lover, Kombucha is perfect for you! Kombucha is naturally sparkling and fizzy so it is very refreshing. 

Since Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage, it is rich in probiotics, low in sugar, contains antioxidants, and B vitamins.

Daily Kombucha provides a perfect drink to support your digestive system and immune system.

We select the highest quality loose tea leafs to make Kombucha. In order to guarantee the freshness of our products, small batches of Kombucha are made fresh daily for our customers to order.

Our goal is to deliver the finest and highest quality Kombucha to our customers.

Probiotic with Fresh Fruit Enzymes


Seasonal fruits provide the crucial vitamins and enzymes for our body so we can perform at our best potential. 

With acetic acid and polyphenols in Kombucha, they assist you in reaching your weight loss goal if you are currently under a weight loss program.

Our kombucha is handcrafted with the highest quality seasonal fruits, rich in probiotics plus vitamins, and enzymes. It fuels your body with supercharged energy.  

Additional benefits are: recovering from work stress and environmental pollutions. 

Convenience While Working


Feeling thirsty and wanting something nice to make the rest of your work day extra special? Just order online and specify a delivery time to your work or home address at your convenience. A healthy recharge could save your day!

With enzymes and B vitamins our energy can get an instant boost and maintain at a steady energy level. 

When you order online we will send you an order confirmation via email or text as you specified.

You can save time without having to drive to a store for a healthy recharge.

Time is money, let Daily Kombucha do all the work and make it convenient for you while you use most of your time and energy to focus on your important meetings, projects, clients, and family.

We are here for you

Kombucha on tap available

Write to us, we are at your service!

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Daily Kombucha

201 E 4th Street, Santa Ana, California, United States


Business Hours

Weekday: 10am - 2pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 10-2pm at the Great Park Farmers' Market, Irvine, CA

Holiday Delivery: 

by appointment only

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